2019 Midsummer Melee Sponsors


Ascent Protein

The Official Sponsor of Hard Work and the supplement sponsor of 2019 Midsummer Melee!

Based in Denver, Colorado and family owned, we are committed to using only the best real-food ingredients. We don’t include any artificial flavors, colors or additives in our products – you’ll get clean, pure protein & pre-workout products you can be confident in. Don’t just take our word for it – we are also Gluten Free Certified and Informed Sport Certified, meaning each batch of Ascent is third party tested to ensure we’re free from any banned substances.


Sidekick Tool

Being a CrossFit athlete and plagued with injuries himself, Hin Lai started looking for a better solution to his problems. He stumbled upon "scraping" through his Chiropractor, and having felt the remarkable benefits, he knew he had to share it with the world. And with that, the Sidekick journey began.


Below Parallel

The official functional fitness accessory and apparel provider for the Greater Houston Area.

Love getting new shoes, apparel, supplements, and gear? Hate waiting two weeks for it to arrive?

Our goal is to bring everything you need for the sports of Fitness and Weightlifting directly to you. Rather than ordering online, paying shipping costs and having to wait 5-7 days to receive your product and assume it's the right size, let us do all of that for you.


Vital Kitchen

The official food and meal provider for the athletes and volunteers of the 2019 Midusmmer Melee.

We believe that good food enriches lives. As a chef-owned and operated company, we craft balanced, delectable meals that tickle taste buds, nourish bodies, and build communities.

We make everything we serve in a single kitchen here in Houston. There’s no pre-fab, pre-made, pre-frozen missed opportunities in our house; just real, honest, ingredient-focused goodness.


Axelrad Beer Garden

Axelrad is about celebrating Houston, being outside, and relaxing.

Conceived as a gathering place for the community offering beer, wine, drinks, Luigi’s pizza, live music, and a grove of hammocks, Axelrad aims to be a place for all.

The bar is housed within a 100-year-old renovated building, originally a small grocery store built by David and Gertrude Axelrad. Adding to the historic interior are artist-made tap handles by Venezuelan-based Maria Rangel, seating by New Living’s HTX Made, and textiles by Austin-based Nido.


Compete Every Day

We help active people stay motivated to reach their career, fitness, and life goals.

Every day is a competition. Against your pride, comfort zone, fear, complacency, snooze alarms, bad habits, bad relationships, and more. 

When the sweat is dripping down your face or the pressures from work feel overwhelming; when your mind is telling you to drop the weight or quit chasing your goals, we want you to look in the mirror and be reminded of the Competitor that lives within you. This Competitor forces you to fight harder and dig deeper because that’s what you’re capable of.

We believe that every day is worth pouring your heart into the pursuit of the life you deeply desire.