Our Competition program takes a very different and unorthodox approach to the Sport of Fitness. Just like the needs of the regular fitness enthusiast, the needs of each and every competitor differs and anyone can be a competitor. Thus, we want to approach each athletes goals accordingly, based on their level of commitment. Regardless, our 3 Standards will always be the program’s foundation.


  1. INTEGRITY. Your community comes first, middle, and last. You carry the reputation of not only yourself, but the reputation of the community that you represent and the community that supports you. You will be held to a higher standard of how you carry yourself, how you treat others, and how you approach your training. Positivity will be key to your long term success and key to your success in the program.

  2. ATTITUDE. You are no longer in the gym to “win” daily workouts with the fastest time or highest score; save that for the competition floor. You are in the gym to win by your growth in movement, understanding, and awareness. Every workout is to be done with the intention of increasing your work capacity, improving your movement efficiency, and maximizing your time constraints. Your “wins” are defined by your ability to take coaching and direction and apply them at all costs.

  3. COMPETENCE. You will move better, always and at ALL costs. There is no place where suboptimal, lazy, and/or careless movement will ever be rewarded, PRs included. You are a competitor, therefore you will live to a higher standard. Having the understanding and competence of how to move well is important to sustaining the longevity and health of each competitor’s body. You must also understand and think better, at all costs. We target mental capacity just as much as physical capacity because it only takes a single mental error to lose on the competition floor.


ALL athletes will follow the daily WOD as their primary base of their program. Prior to any additions to an athlete’s program from a competitive standpoint, any athlete who is interested in AXIS must schedule an evaluation meeting with the Head Coach to discuss intentions, availability, and goals.  From there, additional pieces can/will be added based upon: need, commitment, and coach evaluation.


The actual AXIS Class with take place on Saturdays at varying times, and will require 90-120 minutes. During this time, athletes enrolled in any category of the AXIS program will be taken through a multiple part session that will address the following pieces: