Our namesake, DERIVE, comes from the commitment to pull, or DERIVE, these qualities from all of our members and our staff.

CrossFit DERIVE is a 5,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Midtown/Museum District area of Houston, Texas. We specialize in group and personal training utilizing the CrossFit methodology-- performing constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity.

Our Goal

We strive to make every athlete that walks through our facility not only just "fitter", but also more knowledgeable and aware of their own health and physical movement. In joining CrossFit DERIVE, you are not simply just signing up for another gym, you are signing up for the community, the coaching, and the high level of attention. When you come to our class, our coaches and community want you to leave feeling like our coaching, workout, and teaching provided you with the best hour of your day. We seek to empower all of our members, and allow them to take full control of their health and fitness, inside and outside of our gym.

We always demand the highest level of standards from all of our athletes and coaches-- regardless of skill level, our #1 priority is always your safety. We are sticklers on technique and doing things not just good, but great. We believe in the concept of virtuosity-- doing the common things, uncommonly well. We help every single one of our members reach for perfection, no matter how long it takes.