16.5 Strategy

Here we are! The culmination of the Open has finally arrived!

I have to admit, I doubt any of us predicted this one. Dave Castro continues to be an asshole by surprising us with something new-- this time repeating a movement that was already done.

Lets break this down:

1) As always, this is a test of your capacity. Can you move light (or moderate) weight repeatedly well, for many reps? If you are comfortable doing heavier thrusters than 95/65 in some of our heavier workouts, you should be just fine. If 95/65 is a normal "prescribed" weight for you, this could be a bit more challenging. I'll talk about how to break them up below.

2) Keep. Your. Heart. Rate. DOWN. More so than any of the other workouts, if you spike your heart rate beyond your normal threshold, you are essentially screwed for the entirety of this workout. You will in turn spend more time doing nothing, and less time knocking out reps.

3) Break up your thrusters. I'm talking to us normal athletes here. If you normally do Fran unbroken (although thats a pretty rough comparison), think about the following sets:

Option 1 (Good/Great at thrusters)
21s: 8-7-6 or 12/9
18s: 7-6-5 or 10/8
15s: 6-5-4 or 9/6
12-3s: UB

If not so great at thrusters, or 95/65 is challenging for you, you need to reduce the time under tension (TUT) on the bar. Think smaller sets, quicker rest:

Option 2 (not so good at thrusters)
21s: 6-5-5-5
18s: 5-4-5-4
15s: 5-5-5
12s: 4-4-4
9-3: UB

This will allow you to get the needed rest on your shoulders and legs. Give your judge your plan, have them write it in your boxes, so all they have to do is count backwards for each set and cross it off. If you feel like you are pretty good at thrusters, and 3 sets is still too many, still try it and just rest less. You can always push later.

4) So, about those burpees... The strategy here is smooth and steady. Looking back at point #1, avoid spiking your heart rate. Find a rhythm to move with, and move down and up. They don't have to be pretty. Walk em down, walk em up. Because as long as you're moving, you're doing work. AVOID STANDING AROUND.

5) Accept the fact that this WILL SUCK. And that's okay. Accept it, think about it, and MOVE ON to focus on your plan and mentality. Don't spend time panicking about how it will feel, just stick to your plan and always tell yourself: one more rep.

I cannot emphasize how important your mental approach will be in this workout. Do whatever you need to do to visualize and zone out to create a positive environment in your mind and body. Understand that you CAN do it, one rep at a time. Never focus on what hurts or how much it burns. Just know that you are getting closer and closer to the finish line. The athletes that are willing to suffer the most, will do the best.

You can do it. This is our last one. Come early tomorrow and stay late to cheer each other on. Joel (who did it tonight) said that without all the people cheering him on, he got a second wind. Support each other and lets finish this year strong!