17.3 Tips and Strategy

Thursday/Friday Preparation

  1. Hips and ankles. Glutes, calves, shins, feet. Do any light myofascial release, but nothing over your normal range of motion.
  2. Shoulders. Lats, traps, shoulder blades.
  3. Quads/IT band/Knees


  1. SHOULDERS. If you have shoulder issues and EVEN if you don't, please do the FULL activation series of Crossover Symmetry. This will go a long way to making sure you don't overcompensate with improper sequencing when fatigued. They will all be moved outside off of the rig to accommodate. Add basic swings, pushing, and pulling to continue warming them up.
  2. Perform any lower body maintenance as needed.
  3. Perform warm-up as listed below.


3x 10s on/off Handstand Hold (utilize narrow, regular, and wide grip)
3x 10s on/off pull-up scap retraction hold
3x 10s on/off Overhead hold with barbell (utilize narrow, regular, and snatch grip)
3x 10s on/off OHS hold at bottom of squat (utilize narrow, regular, and snatch grip)

4x of each: Snatch grip strict press, push press, overhead squat
4x Sotts press off the back
4x steps (each side) forward & back, duck walk in OHS position
4x of each: High hang power snatch, HH squat snatch
4x of each: Low hang power snatch, LH squat snatch
4x Power snatch at starting weight, then Primer below.


1 Round
FAST: 3 TNG Snatches at starting weight + 3 CTB singles
45s easy: Spiderman lunges

1 Round
FAST: 3 Single snatches at starting weight + 3 UB CTB
45s easy: Side to side lunges

Rest 3-5 mins, then CRUSH 17.3!


RX + Scaled
For many, this will be between an 8 minute workout and 12 minute workout. Again this year Dave Castro has bought out those that don't have very good chest-to-bar, as it is extremely likely for many to get through 8-12 minutes doing single CTB. So lets examine a few scenarios:

  1. You are GOOD at CTB + BAD at snatches
    CTB in 2 sets. All single snatches.
  2. You are BAD at CTB + GOOD at snatches
    CTB fast doubles and/or singles. 2-3 sets on lighter snatches. Singles on heavier.
  3. You are GOOD at CTB + GOOD at snatches
    CTB in 2 sets. Lighter snatches in 2 sets. Heavier snatches singles.
  4. You are BAD at CTB + BAD at snatches
    CTB fast doubles and/or singles. Singles on ALL snatches.If
  5. Scaled jumping CTB go AFAP. Use snatch instructions above to help determine your strategy.

Snatch tips

  • If you are mobile enough, and know how to snatch with a narrower grip, do so. This could help especially when it gets heavier to stabilize the weight better overhead.
  • If you are doing singles, make sure your setup is quick and concise. Every second matters.
  • If you are doing TnG, lightly brush on the way down to mitigate the eccentric loading on your back and grip.
  • STICK and DRIVE under the snatch. Build the GOOD habits in the beginning weights, so that the heavier ones are natural.
  • Control your breathing between sets/reps. Count breaths, stand tall, and visualize what you want on each snatch.

CTB Tips

  • If doing singles, utilize a good hollow start and vertical hip drive. This will go a long way to saving your shoulders.
  • If connecting, same idea, utilize as much hip drive as possible to make your pulling more effortless.
  • Try to use a bar close to your reaching height to limit how much jumping you have to do.