17.1 Tips and Strategy

We are here. The time is now!

Let's get to it...


  1. Feet, calves, hamstrings, glutes... Take care of the entire back of your legs tonight. Pigeon stretch, fragon, or do the ROMWOD 17.1 prep.
  2. Mental preparation. Understand that many won't finish this workout not because they physically can't, but because they mentally can't. Mentally visualize and walk through the workout and find 2-3 encouraging things you can say to yourself when the going gets tough.


  1. Get glutes and all hinging mechanics on. Work all the angles in which you can bend over. Unstick any sticky spots.
  2. Warm-up calves and feet with simple jumping/plyometric drills.
  3. Perform your usual warm-up


3 Rounds at the pace you think you will be starting at:
4 Alternating DB snatch
4 Box facing burpee jump overs

Goal is to work on different methods of breathing and burpee styles. Apply all the technique work we did during the previous cycle to make your burpees as efficient as possible. Work on different jumping and rotating methods. Tryout different DB snatch methods. This is a perfect opportunity to get your heart rate relatively high to acclimate prior to the workout as well as prep your mind for different adjustments you can do in the workout.

WOD 17.1

  • Understand if you have a weaker back/glutes, this could become a very precarious situation. Prep accordingly and be ready to adjust.
  • Opposing arm CAN NOT TOUCH THE BODY on the way up on the snatch (pushing off the thigh).
  • Keep your mind on the task at hand and do not wander. Do not think about what is left in for the rest of the wod. Only think about the movements you will be doing.
  • Start slower than you think you should, but keep your movement clean and efficient.
  • Be aggressive on snatches, smooth/consistent on burpee box jump.
  • Talk to your judge about how you prefer your rep scheme counting to be.

If you have any specific strategy questions, ask a coach. I truly do believe this was an excellently written workout. Very little strategy is involved outside of just moving. Low skill, high engine. Good luck!


We will have one Normal class at 4:30 but it will only be for 30 minutes.

HEATS will start PROMPTLY at 5:00 PM.

YOU WILL NEED A COMPUTER TO EDIT THE SHEET (google has a bug where it does not work on phones)