19.1 Weekly Recap and Review!


Every Thursday for the Open we will be doing a recap of the previous week and a preview into what to see for this upcoming week! Disclaimer: The author of this recap is independently sourced and unattached to CrossFit Derive. He/She is completely unbiased and has no team affiliation whatsoever and is definitely not the person listed as the author on this page*.

Week 1 Recap


Week 1 started off with quite the bang, with the first ever workout released in the Open that 100% favored taller athletes! With rowing and wall balls, this was a sure fire bet to make sure the tall athletes got some time in the limelight before having to battle their anthroprometrics the next 4 weeks. While the shorter athletes groaned in unison at a lower altitude (lol) the larger athletes were able to go at this workout with quite the advantage.

We saw some great showings on the leaderboard with some first timers and newbies making an appearance.

  • Becky Blackwood (aka Dr.BBMonkey) made her first showing on the scaled women’s leaderboard in her first EVER open,

  • While Audrey Wright crept into the top 3 RX with just ONE year of CrossFIt under her belt!

  • Arguably the most impressive showing was a gritty performance by Matthew O’Neil who put up a gutsy 308 in the men’s scaled division

  • Our two top scorers overall were held by Merritt Peele (aka MereBear) and Durant, Iowa’s very own Allison Ralfs, with scores of 319 and 322 respectively. Turns out if you go really fast on a daily basis, you get fitter.

Team Recap

  1. Team NIVI: 49 pts

  2. Team JOEL: 48 pts

  3. Team JOE: 39 pts

  • Team NIVI ran AWAY with the team Spirit award this week, giving them the slight edge over team Joel. They pulled out ALL the stops this week, with a team banner, matching shirts, and a freaking burn book! I mean, c’mon, leave some for the rest of us… But really, they absolutely smoked week 1, but it begs to be asked: Can they sustain this level of effort for 4 more weeks? Or will they fade out and a real burn book will be made?…

  • Team JOEL had a strong showing, with many athletes coming in clutch on Friday as well as completing workouts on other days. Their showing of team spirit was strong, but their fun hats didn’t stand a chance against the kitchen sink Team NIVI threw at them. Looks like the road to the ‘ship will be a hard fought one. What’s Team JOEL got for this week?…

  • Team JOE (from here on out referred to as Team O’BRIEN due to confusing similarity to the superior Team JOEL) comes in with a rough outing this week, with a few teammates unable to make the FNL event for those valuable points. That didn’t slow down their efforts though— they also put up 4 athletes in the top 3 spots as well (particularly the scaled Women)! From the mumbling around the community, word on the street is that they are coming with a vengeance this week! Though, it was coming from 99% of their own team, so we will have to wait and see what their plan is on Friday. Maybe they dress in all gold instead of all black this week?…

What to expect this week

As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict Houston precipitation patterns. However, we can guarantee that all the vertically challenged folk can breathe a sigh of relief until rope climbs come out (which will never happen). Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 7PM or to @crossfitderive on Iinstagram at 8PM to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. Just like every weatherman/woman in Houston, we will make a predication: Heavy cleans, double-unders, and chest-to-bar. And just like every weatherman/woman in Houston, I will be wrong.

See you guys on Friday!

*There is no evidence to support this claim.