19.3 Weekly Recap and Review!

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Every Thursday for the Open we will be doing a recap of the previous week and a preview into what to see for this upcoming week! Disclaimer: The author of this recap is independently sourced and unattached to CrossFit Derive. He/She is completely unbiased and has no team affiliation whatsoever.*.

Week 3 Recap


Well, I guess we knew dumbbells were coming… but not like this! Athletes were thrown upside-down with this workout release (literally hehe) with the introduction of strict handstand push-ups! While many athletes around the world angrily berated their parents for taking them out of toddler gymnastics when they were 6 years old because they were afraid of heights and wouldn’t stop crying during class (this is not a personal story whatsoever), our athletes attacked this workout with intention, heart, and determination!

We had some surprises and some AWESOME performances this week, with some notable ones listed below:

  • First of all, lets congratulate all the athletes who got their FIRST EVER strict HSPUs! Audrey (RX), Taryne (RX), Becky (S), Nicole (S), Nidia (S), Courtney (S)! Also, a huge congrats to Nico (S) and Kavash (S) for making their first appearances on the leaderboard!

  • To build on that, let’s just note that although Audrey said before her first attempt “I’ve never done this before” she proceeded to knock out NINETEEN of them, capturing a close 3rd place in women’s RX, and even edging out MANY of her male veteran counterparts. Talk about flexing on em. We probably should have Cooley stop teaching people this intimidation method during class.

  • This week’s Gritty Performance is presented by BorrowLenses.com**— thanks guys for turning our head coach into a stereotypical Asian who doesn’t put his camera away 😊✌ …. The Gritty Performance of the Week goes to Christian Siboldi, who despite having only 1 ACL and 8 toes, got through the lunges and box step-ups and busted out a quick set of TWENTY Strict HSPU, just to let everyone know that the old dad-bod still has some juice left.

  • And in this weeks issue of Well, We Aren’t Letting These People Scale WODs Anymore, Kate Beamer and Matt O’Neil continue to make themselves hot commodities around the gym as people you want to partner with in partner-WODs (or not partner with because you’ll die). Not sure what they put in the water in the Medical Center, but this Nurse/Dentist duo is a tough beat in the scaled division so far this year.

  • We currently have a tight race for this year’s MVP award (not 100% if this is real or not), between Jim Dolphin, Ramiro Castrejon, and Scott Lee. All 3 of these gentlemen have shown absolutely no fear when doing these workouts despite Jim having been out of CrossFit for almost a year, Scott having just started CrossFit a month ago, and you can’t even hear Ramiro suffer because he’s so dang quiet. We will keep an eye out on these gentlemen come week 4… (if you know someone else deserving of this award, let us know!)

  • Lastly, keep an eye on the heated rivalry between Courtney Corso and Nidia Selwyn… for who can be the nicest to each other while throwing their bodies on the line every Friday night. But seriously, these two ex-roommates won’t stop cheering each other on, and it’s freaking incredible. Especially since they keep putting up similar scores… Also, Courtney beat Josh this week.

Team Recap

Week 2 Team scores
Team JOEL: 46
Team JOE: 31
Team NIVI: 52 (won team spirit)

1. Team JOEL: 145 points
2. Team NIVI: 144 points
3. Team JOE: 113 points

  • Team NIVI again came to PLAY this week! After missing out during week 2, Team Nivi came with some heat with what looked to be a Top Gun themed team outing! Complete with outfits, sunglasses, “jet fuel” chocolate milk, they brought the works and were able to edge this one out! Not to mention they had SEVEN athletes on the leaderboard, a high for the past 3 weeks! However, it still leaves them one point behind Team Joel, so it seems if they can pull it off for 2 more weeks, they may be the ones to hoist the coveted Charles-Pistol-Camillo-Leia-June Woofers Trophy…

  • Team JOE ALMOST had the spirit award in the bag… because wow, what an awesome and cool birthday surprise for Sarabeth! A little goes such a long way, and it made many of us appreciate how much this community means to each one of us. Unfortunately, the key missing link was the coordination, as his team wasn’t able to pull it off points-wise this week with only one athlete on the leaderboard, missing a few folks at FNL, and only a few of them rocking the tutus. Even though they are behind on the points, can they bring it these last 2 weeks? Can the bald cajun man bring them back from the abyss? We are looking forward to some strong showings, especially those scaled women, since they rock their Scaled women’s ringer, Ms. Beamer…

  • Team JOEL. Sooooo, no ones really sure what happened to team Joel last week. Without their feared Leader Joel, his team was in shambles! They did have 4 leaderboard athletes and had almost all their athletes come on FNL… but we aren’t sure if they had anything planned to do on Friday other than show up with their King of Upside-Down Push-ups, Mr. Sibs. After pulling a commanding lead in week 2, a weaker showing this week closed the gap dramatically and opened the door for Team Nivi to get an easy shot at the crown with only 2 weeks left. Can they get it together? Or will they be at the receiving end of the shit talk until the next open in October…


As with every open, to guess what’s coming next is like trying to predict Houston precipitation patterns. However, we can guarantee that the carnage will continue, and the skills will become more advanced, and the scaled division will be absolutely CUT THROAT. Be sure to tune into games.crossfit.com at 7PM or to @crossfitderive on Instagram at 8PM to see what’s in store for this upcoming Friday. Just like every weatherman/woman in Houston, we will make a predication: Ring Muscle-ups and Deadlifts. And just like every weatherman/woman in Houston, we will be wrong.

See you guys on Friday!

*There is no evidence to support this claim.

**We are not associated with borrow lenses but they are pretty legit.