19.4 & 19.5 Recap (Finally)


Every Thursday (Lol) for the Open we will be doing a recap of the previous week and a preview into what to see for this upcoming week! Disclaimer: The author of this recap is independently sourced and unattached to CrossFit Derive. He/She is completely unbiased and has no team affiliation whatsoever.*. WARNING: PICTURE DUMP COMING.

Week 4&5 Recap

As usual, Dave Castro presented us fitness-crazed beings with 2 workouts that were on seemingly opposite sides of the spectrum: 19.4 being an opportunity for people to achieve new PRs (in the form of bar muscle-ups), and 19.5 was another way to dramatically decrease membership in the gym. Lets get straight to celebrating some FREAKING ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

  • First of all, lets congratulate the athletes who got their FIRST EVER BMUs! Miguel Moreno and Matt O’Neil (Post-WOD) both got their firsts, while Marcus Maroney, Nivi Chowdry, and Taryne Thomas all got their first muscle-ups in a very long time! On top of this, Nidia Selwyn, Courtney Corso, and Jim Dolphin got their first pull-ups!

  • Congratulations to anyone and everyone that did 19.5 and are still with us today🙏. That. Was. Brutal. Its safe to say that thrusters were not programmed for some time after that workout.

  • This week’s Gritty Performance is presented by Simply Green cleaning solution— Thanks Simply Green for helping us clean all the sweat and tears from burpees and 100+ thrusters …. The Gritty Performance of Week 4 goes to Nick Shepherd for doing 19.4 at 6am on the next Monday to ensure his team got his point! Despite being out of the gym for weeks, he managed to grind his way through way too many burpees. Week 5’s Gritty Performance goes to Audrey Wright, as she said verbatim “My only goal for this year’s open is to not tear my hands, because I have surgery rotations and I NEED these.” *as she waves her hands. She then proceeded to shit on that goal as she grinded her way through 19.5 with some rough paws. We appreciate your sacrifice, Audrey!

  • And in this weeks issue of Well, We Aren’t Letting These People Scale WODs Anymore, we are pretty sure Nicole Bancroft has either been sandbagging class WODs, staying way too quiet about what weights are on her bar, or moving too fast so we can’t see her because if you saw her thrusters on 19.5, you might think that thrusters are her favorite movement. WOW. Talk about a MACHINE!

  • We would have to say that this year’s MVP award definitely has to go to Ramiro Castrejon. Without a doubt the most quiet suffering person we have ever witnessed walk through our gym. Not only did he do every workout quietly, he also stayed the entire night every Friday to cheer people on (quietly), and even did 19.1 TWICE (quietly) so his team could earn an additional point! When you see him (because you won’t hear him) give him a huge high five!

  • Now, about this rivalry. Courtney Corso and Nidia Selwyn… we swear you can’t make this stuff up. In case you missed it: 19.1 was only done by Courtney because Nidia was on “vacation”, 19.2 Nidia took a ONE REP win, Courtney then took 19.2 & 19.3 by 6 and 22 reps, and then Nidia finished the open with ANOTHER ONE SECOND win over her ex-roommate. So in the workouts they actually did against one another… we ended in a TIE. A TIE 😱. Of course these wonderfully cheerful, positive ladies would find a way to get a TIE in a competition with 5 workouts 🤔. So Nidia, you got any pictures from that “vacation”?


Team Recap

Week 4 Team scores
Team JOEL: 48 (won team spirit)
Team JOE: 30
Team NIVI: 44

Week 5 Team Scores
Team JOEL: 45
Team JOE: 37 (won team spirit)
Team NIVI: 45

1. Team JOEL: 238 points
2. Team NIVI: 233 points
3. Team JOE: 180 points

  • Team NIVI: We know one thing is for sure— this team would definitely win any costume contest, HANDS DOWN. Week in and week out they had a new outfit planned and it didn’t change for the last 2 weeks! Week 4 they were beach-themed all the way down to shark onezies and Merritt’s speedo, and Week 5 they all had custom tie-dye t-shirts (which makes us wonder if those are making a comeback?). Pretty much every teammate dressed up somehow, but unfortunately it came up short in the last 2 weeks as both team Joe and Joel came in HARD with over the top presentation and cheering that kept the energy high throughout each Friday Night!

  • Team JOE: After some tough outings in the middle weeks, team Joe finally made a strong case on Week 5 by being the loudest and proudest team on the block! Not only did they carry that Hawaiian theme, but they had their best attendance and team showing for that last week! You couldn’t look anywhere without seeing something with Palm trees on it or someone wearing a lei! Congrats to team Joe for shoring up the troops and finishing this Open HARD!

  • Team JOEL: After 2 weeks of utter poo poo showings, Team Joel came with some hot 🔥🔥🔥 for the next 2 weeks! Week 4 they had boxing style intros complete with lights and custom songs, and Week 5 they turned it all the way up and started a hand clap tunnel to bring and introduce every single athlete! It was such a great way to finish the last week of such a brutal workout, and even though they were edged out by Team Joe for the week 5 Team Spirit award, at the end of the 5 weeks they were crowned with the coveted Sloane-TaiteWOO-Charles-Pistol-Camillo-Leia-June-Penny Woofers Trophy!


Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in each week of the 2019 Intramural Open! You guys made the best showings this year, and it was amazing to see so many people work together to motivate each other to do things they had never done before! But before we move on too fast— the timing of the open is officially changing after this year! So it will no longer be in March, but now it will be in October… starting THIS OCTOBER 2019! You can bet we will have it bigger and better coming up! We are looking forward to it!