New #BBF Cycle - "The Ground Up"

Thanks to #BBF, my chicken legs are a thing of the past. Pants are more of a suggestion nowadays, but tights and leggings are a MUST.
— Coach Sam

Everything stable is built from the ground and up. And following the theme of this 12 week cycle, #BBF will be focusing on building our foundation from the ground up. This will mean:

Part A (Strength/Skill Development)

  • Utilizing our NEW maxes/PRs: Write down all your new maxes somewhere! Back squat, snatch, clean, 3RM DL, Front squat, etc. We will be using these for percentages in our training!
  • Very simple and straightforward squatting. w/ specific time frames (back and front), and an emphasis on body positioning. Nothing fancy here-- goal is to make our base strong, the right way. New specific timings (EMOM, E90s, etc) will allow us to build strength AND conditioning.
  • Position focused Olympic lifting. This isn't necessarily "new" territory, as we are sticklers on our snatch/clean positioning regardless. But what you'll see is varying work from different starting positions (high hang, low hang, ground), different receiving positions (power/squat), and combo movements (OHS/Front squat).
  • Deadlifts and Jerk Wednesdays: Some Wednesdays will have a focus on continuing to build our base with proper pulling, as well as other Wednesdays with a focus on strengthening our overhead technique with push presses, push jerks, and split jerks.
  • Skill Thursdays: Continuing the theme of our usual Thursday's, we will continue to spend a good length of time developing our gymnastic movements. If you prefer to take Thursday's off like most of our athletes, this would be a great day to come in and just work on the skill session as active recovery, and not have to worry about the actual conditioning for the day.

Part B (Conditioning)

  • More mono-structural/single modality workouts. As mentioned during class, sometimes the best way to build your overall fitness and aerobic capacity, is to keep it simple. You'll start to see more workouts with just a single movement or just running/biking/rowing. These seem less "fun" but will contribute to reaching your fitness goals much faster!
  • Couplets/Triplets: And of course, this isn't changing anytime soon. As athletes-of-all-trades, we are going to continue to attack our traditional CrossFit workouts with the intensity of all time domains: short, medium, and long.
  • Days WITHOUT "Conditioning": You may have seen this already, but you will start to see a few more days without the traditional "3-2-1... GO!" workouts. Instead, part B may be a continuation of Part A, providing conditioning in a different fashion. You'll still be sweating and short of breath, but in a less traditional way.

We are super excited to get this rolling, and we can't wait to help you guys grow even MORE as athletes. If you have any questions at all, do not be afraid to approach any of our coaches-- especially our newest additions: Coach Gaspar, Coach Julie, and Coach Will! Lets continue to have fun, kick ass, and build each other up!

#BBF has your back.