Tuesday, 8-25-2015


  • 4:30PM class starts THIS WEEK!
  • On 9/19/15, we are proudly hosting LiftUpAutism, a world wide "competition for a cause" specifically sought to support early diagnosis and treatment of Autism, raise funds for the Autism Tree Project Foundation in San Diego, and most importantly, turn a global spotlight on the measured and severe impact of Autism on families and individuals around the world. Check out the gym-specific link for more info: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/crossfit-derive-lift-up-autism-tickets-18075636716!
  • Bring-a-friend day is this Thursday 8/27

A) Level 2/1
E75s for 8 Sets (10 Minutes)
2 HH Snatch + 1 OHS
65-65-65-65-68-68-68-68 1RM

B) Level 2/1
Every 90s for 10 sets
100m Sprint