The Building Blocks: Mesocycle 2 of The Ground Up

Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight. Actually, getting something too easily or too soon can cheapen the outcome.
— John Wooden

Hey guys!

Our first four weeks of The Ground Up have been excellent! You guys are doing a great job on staying disciplined and drilling in your technique. Be patient, as we become more efficient in our movements, the bigger weights and more complex movements will be incorporated. Here are some of the NEW changes you will see in the upcoming 4 weeks (weeks 4-8 of The Ground Up)!

  • Variation of Days: Our strength/skill days will start differing this cycle. No longer are we doing squat Mondays, snatch Tuesdays, etc. We never want to get TOO comfortable or get too much into a routine, so look out for some new changes!
  • Two-part Olympic Lifting: We will be working two separate E75s protocols on snatch/clean days to target our pulling technique, as well as actual snatch/clean technique. Look for more time spent here, and shorter (but harder) conditioning!
  • Tempo Squatting: We will be incorporating tempo squatting to target a few things:
    • More focus/body awareness: Squatting with better mechanics will be on the forefront (as usual), but with more emphasis since you are slowing things down, you have more time to make corrections and FEEL what is right/wrong.
    • Build strength/explosion: Self-explanatory here, tempo training has been proven over the years to build strength quickly and most importantly, safely.
  • Gym-nasty Thursdays: Continuing last mesocycle, we will continue to build on our gymnastics, this time for longer periods of time, while getting conditioning in as well.
  • Focus on mechanics and efficiency: Oh wait, we've already been doing this :)

That should be it! Keep an eye out for this upcoming week! Also, if you aren't tracking your stuff yet, talk to one of the coaches about setting up a TrainHeroic account to track all of your workouts and numbers!