New Year, New WHY

Its that time of year again! New Year, New Me. Here at CrossFit Derive, we are 100% behind you, whether you're a new athlete taking the jump into fitness (check out our Foundations course starting January 4th!), or a current athlete shooting for some new big goals.

With all of these new goals and new motivators, its due time to chat about one of the most important parts of all the decisions we make: WHY?

For our newer athletes, the "whys" of your fitness choices are pretty fresh in your mind. It can be a huge cornucopia of things, but I want to make sure no matter what your "whys" are, I want you to add a very important one to your arsenal: Have fun.

Which gets into the target of this blog, current CrossFit athletes. As we come into the new year, many of you have strong ideas of where you want to be and what you want to do in your fitness goals. No matter what time frame you have been doing CrossFit, it is very easy to lose sight of why you are motivated to reach these specific milestones. (This is going to be a big part of our Performance Targeting program rolling out next week).

Although there are many great goals, most of which can (and should) be personal to each individual athlete, there are many common goals that we strive for as a community at CFD. As a whole, we feel like that these goals not only benefit your community, but also yourself.

  1. Inspire and uplift those around you. This does not mean to try to prove yourself or win the workout every day. This means to create a positive environment in which everybody around you feels that the class that they are in is the best hour of their day. Make every athlete appreciate that they came in to kick some butt.
  2. Have fun. This runs hand in hand with the first goal. Having fun is 100% relative to each individual athlete. Although there are many differing thoughts on this goal, we believe that regardless of your commitment to CrossFit, whether casual or competitive, you should find some type of enjoyment and fulfillment through what you are doing. And since we are human beings, every day won't be the best, but we should strive to make every day the best that we can.
  3. Win the small battles first. What this means is to prioritize your goals and focuses. Most of us do not come in the gym, and PR every single day or have the top score in every single workout. Don't let those small factors control how you feel when finishing up a session. Find those small goals, whether qualitative (ex. My snatches today felt and looked better than last week!) or quantitative (I was able to do more connected pull-ups than 2 months ago!). These goals are the goals that keep you coming back for more. Yes it is always nice to hit that long sought after PR, but those come at a much lower frequency. The small wins get you to the big ones.

For our last topic, If you have time this weekend, sit down and think about why you are pursuing a certain goal. Is it a long term or short term goal? What does this goal fulfill or contribute to?  What motivates you to want to achieve this goal? Now take that motivator and find out: Is it sustainable? I won't delve too much into it now (I'll save that for 1-on-1 sessions), but if you want to get deeper into your New Year's goals, check out information on extrinsic vs intrinsic motivators

Each and every coach is here to help you talk about your goals and what you should be shooting for. We can't wait to help you guys reach your new goals!