16.3 Strategy

Here we are guys-- the MU workout of the open (however, I honestly think based on the way this year is going, ring MU are still coming).

If you are new or unfamiliar, this is the time of year where many gyms and athletes reach the brink of frustration and celebration. If you have been doing all the Open workouts as prescribed, and you have yet to achieve a muscle-up, you must have the following mindset:

  1. Absolutely NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. Whatsoever. Negative thoughts create negative performances. And lets be honest, no one likes bitching and complaining. Its not going to change the workout. Create a positive environment for yourself, and do your best. Thats all I can ask and thats all you can ask.
  2. If you have pretty decent bar work (steady CTB, TTB, etc.) I would take a shot at this workout RX and see if you can achieve a MU. If you've been practicing this past year, awesome. If not, still take a shot and see. Have the mindset of achieving JUST ONE, in any way necessary (this is the one time a year I allow anything to go, chicken wings, etc. So long as you don't hurt yourself).

Okay, now for some strategy talk (for us normal folk-- you top athletes just hang on for the ride!)...

  1. Your grip is in for a long ride. After testing it this evening, both Hunter and I had grips that were SHOT. 5-5 is the way to go on snatches. 5-7 seconds slower but SO MUCH less time under tension. We both literally thought we were gonna fly off the bar on BMU.
  2. Tempo out the gates. EMOM anyone? EMOM would guarantee 91 reps and plus some if you get past that! This is just like lots of workouts we've done all year, good tempo to about 4 minutes, then push the pace!
  3. Use your hips and legs. We preach ALL DAY LONG how to hit the hip and drop under the bar, etc. Now is the time to apply what you've learned. Drop under the bar. Drive the bar up with the legs to get the bar to float. Use as little pulling of the arms as possible. You aren't using your legs really anywhere else, so use them here.
  4. If you rip, you are gonna be screwed. As mentioned above, this is grip intensive. If you rip your hands, not only are you pretty much screwed for this workout, but you are screwed for any chance of redoing it. When I say rip, I mean bloody, big hand tears. Small skin rips here and there are inevitable. But if you are not used to connecting BMU and hanging on to the bar too long, going 2-1 or singles is WAYYY better than doing all 3 and screwing yourself when you rip halfway through.
  5. Intend to do this on Friday/Saturday. If by chance you do have a bad tear and you can't finish or get the score you want, don't screw yourself by doing it on Sunday or Monday, because your hands need at least 48 hours to heal. Band-aid + Original Neosporin (it has cocoa butter in it) 24/7 will speed up the process.

Best of luck! I'll post a link to our workout tonight.