16.2 Strategy

As mentioned in our strategy talk earlier tonight, there are a few things to consider in this workout:

  1. How proficient are your TTB?
  2. How proficient are your DU's?
  3. How proficient/strong are your cleans?

If you have great TTB, awesome. This will help you gain more time to do those cleans (or DUs if you're not so good at those). The biggest concern in this workout is the time under tension created by the constant flexion and extension of the hip in 2 of the 3 movements. As your midline stability deteriorates from TTB, cleans become exponentially harder. This is where your strategizing comes into play.

  • Weak TTB? Fast, Small sets, think singles-5's. Reduce time under tension
  • Strong TTB? Bigger sets, think 5s-10s. Again, same idea, reduce time under tension.
  • Stud? 10-15+. If you're in this category, you'll know your tipping point.

With that being said, you also need to consider realistically which round is your working set? What I mean by that is what round do you intend on getting to? If that first round seems challenging to you, attack it at all costs like the workout is 4 minutes. However, if the first round seems routine, but you see the challenge in the second round, tempo the 1st round (but not too much) and attack the 2nd round (mins 4-8). The idea here is that you need to attack the round that you feel will be the hardest on you, so that you can get through it. Because if you can make it past that particular 4 minute interval, you have a whole new 4 minute round to get "free reps". Think of it this way: lets say you get 175 reps (3 reps short of 2 rounds, aka Frank's score), now if you get JUST 3 more reps, that opens the door for 4 more minutes of additional TTB/DU/Cleans that you can add on. And if you need me to do the math, THATS 86 MORE REPS to add on to 178 (thus why I plan to redo it).

Speaking of redos, this is a great workout to be able to redo, because its not too taxing, and those extra reps are achievable depending on where you finished. More so than 16.1, every rep makes a big difference here.

Lastly, in terms of your clean and DU proficiency, not much to say because these 2 movements can't really be strategized outside of just doing them. DUs need to be UB, but if you cant, go as quickly as possible, but stay relaxed. Panic and frustration are your enemy on those. Cleans should be done calmly and assertively. Attack the bar and move well with limited rest. Limitation there is leg strength, and not much to strategize for that, since you can't really change that right now (lol).


Good luck!