The Ground Up v.2

Team Derive!

We are here! It is (unofficially) the beginning of a new CrossFit "season"! In conjunction with the completion of our 2 testing weeks, we now can begin working on improving upon those both quantitatively and qualitatively. Similarly to last year, this year's starting cycle is called "The Ground Up v2" implying building upon our foundational skills and positions. Here's what to expect for the next 12 weeks:

Part A (Skill/Strength)

  • Utilize your new percentages: You MUST use your new percentages regardless if it is the same or under your previous RM for that movement. This is extremely important in building logevity and strong positions to keep your body healthy.
  • Performance Targeting moved to Thursdays and Sundays. We have decided to move performance targeting to later days in the week to allow all athletes to get an extra day to work together and build common weaknesses. There will still be PT, but less emphasis on it during the week.
  • Rebuilding our snatch pulling positions + overhead stability: Look for isometric position work to help drill the proper pieces of the snatch. Also look for more overhead squat work as well as isometric holds in the overhead squat.

    Snatches will be generally on the lighter side to start, to allow our body to build back proper motor patterns that we may have lost in the offseason.
  • Squatting with position bias: We will have both normal front/back squatting volume to continue building general strength, however initial percentages will be targeted towards focus on making sure our positions are correct and we are not just squatting for the sake of squatting.

    In addition to this, we will incorporate tempo and pause squats to ensure that we increase strength and power into all of our weaker positions.

Part B (Conditioning)

  • Return of mono-structural/single modality workouts: You'll start to see more workouts with just a single movement or just running/biking/rowing. These seem less "fun" but will contribute to reaching your fitness goals much faster!
  • Couplets/Triplets: And of course, this isn't changing anytime soon. As athletes-of-all-trades, we are going to continue to attack our traditional CrossFit workouts with the intensity of all time domains: short, medium, and long.
  • A slight bias towards "long": Based on observation and data analysis over this last cycle, as a group we need to begin improving on longer workouts. Look for days with just a conditioning piece to allow for increased focus on prepping for longer (12+ minute) workouts.

We are very excited to get things rolling, especially with the awesome numbers we had from testing weeks! If you have any questions let us know!