The Winds of Change

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.
— John F. Kennedy

Hey Team!

As we are fresh into 2017 and about to begin the new CrossFit Games season, we would like to announce some incoming changes and announcements for you guys.

Coaching Team

Box & Group-0011.jpg

As many of you have noticed, our coaching staff has slowly evolved over the last 6 months. As time passes responsibilities change and grow. Julie has taken up larger responsibilities at home and at work, and Andrew has moved to Dubai, with Lacy to follow this summer. But now...

We are excited/bittersweet to announce, Will will be departing us for a new opportunity at NASA!


Since change rewards those who are prepared, we have spent the last few months developing a plan and vision to streamline our team, to improve on communication and consistent coaching. Thus we are excited to announce Coach Taylor will be joining our team on a larger scale, and will be working in to share her skills and talents with more of our athletes! Coach Sam and Gaspar will continue to be available at their favorite class times!

P.S. We were told that our Personal Training sessions were not very well advertised (doh!). As such, we do offer it! We have had a handful of athletes from our gym as well as a other gyms, reach out and take Personal Training lessons with our coaches. All you have to do is email-us and let us know! Oh, and by the way, the first lesson is FREE.

Overall, our rollout over the last year of Performance Targeting was very positive! We saw many athletes hit super big gains from hitting on their weaknesses. After discussion on how to further improve our execution, we decided to only have PT cycles twice a year.

The first cycle will occur directly after the Open (April-May) and the second cycle will occur July-August. This will allow athletes to spend quality time outside of larger general cycles to hit on their weaknesses. In addition to this, we will bring back having it twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). We know this will help keep you guys on track and motivated towards your goals!

Nutritional Supplementation

Although we loved what SFH brought to the table, we listened to the feedback from our athletes and decided to find a simpler and better tasting product, but with the same high quality and all-natural ingredient structure. Obviously, real food is ALWAYS FIRST, but we want to make sure we have something just in case we can't get to that chicken breast immediately!

After further research and product testing, we have decided to start carrying Ascent products! You might recognize them as the sponsor of Katrín Davíðsdóttir. They are a relatively small company, that has their roots in the sports and infant nutrition industry! That has allowed them to create a very high quality protein, with ZERO artificial ingredients, at a low price point, since they manufacture and process their own protein (Yay, no artificial sweeteners!). Did we mention they are great tasting too (their Chocolate alone has gone through 250+ varieties to nail it down!)?

Our Ascent rep, Tim, will be here on Wednesday 2/8, to sample and share with you the awesome product! They keep it simple: 2 products, 1 great protein choice.

Competition Programming

We have been asked by a handful of athletes about our additional programming for those wanting to compete. We only have 2 requirements:

  • You must meet with Coach Frank to discuss you goals and intentions prior to doing any additional work/volume on top of what we already do.
  • You must do ALL additional work, on a daily basis.

The additional programming is not meant as a means to an ends or even a specific way to improve weaker skills. It is meant to prepare those wanting to compete, to compete.

As always, we are always listening to YOU and we want to constantly evolve to make sure we provide the best possible service, coaching, and attention to all of our athletes. We hope that these changes serve EVERYONE well, and we are excited for what the rest of 2017 brings us!