Why can't I _________?

So you just hit a PR clean at 190#. You really want to join the 200+ club so you load 200# on the bar. Good pull, good finish... but you can't get out the squat. You take another shot. Same Result. You call it a day, knowing that you just aren't strong enough yet, so you aim to get your legs and clean stronger for the next shot at it.

Fast forward to a different scenario. You just hit your first Muscle-up last week! It was a struggle, but you just barely got it. You want to work on muscle-ups today, so you go for it. No go. You miss a turnover. You catch one, but can't get out the dip. The next one was a fluke completely, you were all over the place and even tried to chicken wing. You chalk it up as a bad day, and you repeat this all over again later in the week.

Now compare these 2 scenarios. Most would not ask "Why can't I clean/squat/deadlift/etc. more?", simply because the answer is clear: You aren't strong enough. And yet many athletes ask, "Why can't I do a muscle-up/handstand push-up/pistol?" with the expectation that there should be a different answer... but most of the time, there isn't.

You simply aren't strong enough.


"But I can DO a muscle-up!"
Yep, we got that. Oh, by the way, here's this workout that has only one muscle-up in it. Not.

"I can DO 10 muscle-ups."
But it takes you 15 minutes...


You get my drift? Sometimes, more often than not, the answer of "you aren't strong enough" isn't a bash to your abilities, its just fact. Just like someone who is insanely strong-- that person may not be flexible enough, or might not have a good enough swing/technique. While technique work definitely has its place in all of our skills and should not be neglected, never forget to step back and really think about the main reason WHY you may suck at a certain movement.

This is what our strength balance Wednesdays are for. We've only had 2 so far, but more is coming along. If you want to become stronger, more balanced, and more resistant to injury across the board, make sure to never miss our strength-balance Wednesdays. We program these days to keep you healthier, provide you with preventative measures, and help you become proactive rather than reactive to shortcomings/injury. Why wait to get hurt, when you can just take the proper measures to address the fact now?


"Oh, but its so boring."
Well, I guess not having muscle-ups is more exciting.

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