2018 DERIVE Intramural Open

So here it is.

2018 DERIVE Intramural Open.

Lets get straight to it


STEP 1: Register for the Open

Visit https://games.crossfit.com/register/athlete by 2/16 to be eligible for the draft (Note: If you're late, you can be picked up as a free agent later!)


Coaches will "draft" equal teams, split between 4 coaches: Allison, Julie, Taylor, and Frank.

Step 3: Scoring for your team!

Here is our scoring structure on how you can accumulate "points" for your team each week:

1 point for every athlete who completes a given Open workout
2 points for every athlete who competes during Friday Night Lights
3 points for every athlete who finishes among the top 3 women or top 3 men in the gym per workout per division.
5 points (just once) if a team wins the “Spirit of the Open” award on any given week. This can be done with team outfit coordination, team cheers, team attendance, and general enthusiasm and participation!

**Coaches scores can not count to team scores.

Step 4: How to win

The team with the most accumulated points through the 5 weeks, will be awarded:

  • Team Banner to be immortalized in the rafters
  • Team Cookie Cake during our Crawfish Boil on 3/24
  • Team T-Shirts


Friday Night lights Details

Each week will have a sponsor to raffle something off or provide something for each week! Week 1 will be sponsored by El Rey/The Corsos and we will be having quesadillas and fajitas for Open participants! We will be featuring the sponsors each week and what they will be offering!