2018 Open Cycle

The 2018 CrossFit Games Open (2/22 - 3/26) is upon us!

Beginning 1/2, we will be going into a 7-8 week cycle focused on:

  • Conditioning pieces focused on aerobic power and maximum work capacity,
  • Strategizing and understanding workouts,
  • Skill development and fine tuning core movements seen most commonly in the Open,
  • Learning how to get "uncomfortable" in workouts

Here are some changes to look forward to in January and February:

  1. Barbell and Gymnastics conditioning couplets. Instead of the usual skill or barbell work done as an isolated piece, it will be done under a more intense but controlled environment to focus on moving well with targeted movements under moderate fatigue. It is during these sessions you can focus on breathing, rhythm, and cadence of movements you would see in the open. (Ex. Snatch work combined with burpees, rowing with Chest to bar, etc.)
  2. Front squat + back squat complex to maintain strength. We saw major strength gains from our lower body performance targeting and will implement a basic version of it during this cycle to maintain strength and strength conditioning.
  3. Barbell cycling work. Each week, Friday will be dedicated to cycling a barbell in short intervals. This will allow you to develop different types of cycling depending on how you feel and allow you to not only find different methods, but also what works best for your body.
  4. Repetitive movements. As the open often only contains around 12-15 movements, you will likely see movements repeated during a week to make sure we are acclimated and are comfortable facing certain things should they come out of the hopper.
  5. Additional skill/work capacity opportunities. Interested in taking the next step? We will have available opportunities for you to really hone in on your skills and work capacity! Talk to us on Saturday 1/6 at 9AM for more info!

A basic structure of the days Part A will look like this:

  • MONDAY: Basic squatting maintainence
  • TUESDAY: Short Weightlifting + conditioning piece
  • WEDNESDAY: Short Gymnastics + conditioning piece OR Long WOD
  • FRIDAY: Barbell cycling
  • SATURDAY: Short Gymnastics/WL + conditioning piece or Long WOD
  • SUNDAY: Skill work

Even more so this cycle, please utilize all of our available tools at the gym to make sure you are properly warmed up before we begin each day! We will be focusing on running everything to a tight time constraint, so please get any extra prep done prior to class starting.

If you have any questions, or would like to meet with me about your goals, please feel free to contact me at frank@crossfitderive.com! Lets hit it!