2019 Spring Cycle Overview

Lets keep this short and sweet:

Here are the skill &strength goals for this upcoming cycle:

  1. Create better strength, awareness, and control over our trunk and midline.

  2. Build stronger and more durable legs & back in lifts through more time under tension

  3. Continue to build on Skills developed on Skill Tuesday

In terms of WODs, heres what to look for:

  1. Machine work rotation to improve efficiency

  2. Interval style (work/rest) workouts to work on consistency

  3. Workouts that repeat (workout, rest, do it again) to work on pacing

Here is a general breakdown of how weeks will look:

  • Monday: Squats & Deadlifts

  • Tuesday: Skill work

  • Wednesday: Performance Care

  • Thursday: Odd object (sleds, sandbags, etc)

  • Friday: Weightlifting

  • Saturday: AMRAP/WOD repeats