2018 Cycle 2 Overview: Part 1 of 4

Hey athletes!

As our testing/baseline week comes to a close, we want to give you guys a glimpse of what's to come over the next 12 weeks!

We are going to do this in 4 parts (probably more detail than you want, but will interest those that really want the nitty gritty!).

  • Part (1 of 4) will overview what will be covered each day of the upcoming weeks (for those that just want an at-a-glance)
  • Parts 2/3/4 of 4 will go over the intention of each of the days, as well as some things to expect (for those that want more info and details)

Here is the overview of how each week will breakdown:


Weeks 1-4: Front rack step-ups / Box squats + plyometric
Weeks 5-8: Front squat (65-75%) + plyometric
Weeks 9-12: Back squat (75-85%) + plyometric


Weeks 1-4: Snatch complex (56-68%), Clean complex (55-75%); Alternating weeks
Weeks 5-8: Build to moderate heavy snatch + drop sets, Build to moderate heavy clean+ drop sets; Alternating weeks
Weeks 9-12: Snatch triples and doubles (56-86%), Clean triples and doubles (60-88%)


Weeks 1-4: Strict press + Push press complex/progression (40-60%)
Weeks 5-8: Push press + push jerk complex/progression (50-65%)
Weeks 9-12: Push jerk + split jerk complex/progression (65-75%)


Weeks 1-4: Floor Press (55-65%)
Weeks 5-8: Narrow grip bench (65-75%)
Weeks 9-12: Bench press (70-80%)


Weeks 1-4: Single legged deadlift (25-30%)
Weeks 5-8: Sumo deadlift (65-75%)
Weeks 9-12: Conventional deadlift (65-75%)