2018 Cycle 2 Overview: Part 3 of 4

Hey athletes!

As our testing/baseline week comes to a close, we want to give you guys a glimpse of what's to come over the next 12 weeks!

We are going to do this in 4 parts (probably more detail than you want, but will interest those that really want the nitty gritty!).

  • Part (1 of 4) will overview what will be covered each day of the upcoming weeks (for those that just want an at-a-glance)
  • Parts 2/3/4 of 4 will go over the intention of each of the days, as well as some things to expect (for those that want more info and details)

Here is Part 3!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Structure

While Monday and Friday was the meat and bones of our slow and strong lifts, Tuesday and Wednesday will be developing our strength and prowess in our faster and more explosive lifts: the snatch and clean and jerk. Thursday will be dedicated to improving our general pressing strength, strict pulling, and shoulder health.

During the first 4 weeks, we will be utilizing weightlifting complexes to improve positions and positional stamina for our Olympic lifts. By performing specific complexes at sub-maximal loading, we are getting the body to work just hard enough to not only get strong, but create good technical proficiency. The percentages will range from 60-70%. 

During weeks 5-8, we will dive closer to the traditional lifts, and focus on consistently hitting percentages. We will take a popular approach by getting a quick and proficient heavy lift for any session, and then perform technical "drop" sets at lighter weights. This will allow all athletes to build to a proficient "heavy" stimulus for the day, and then work on building consistency based off that heavy. This will allow athletes to be able to adjust training based on how their bodies feel in any particular session.

Lastly, during weeks 9-12,  we will finally get to the pure lifts, and focus on triples and doubles to build moderate to moderate heavy volume, while building confidence at heavier loads and consistency in technique.