2018 Cycle 2 Overview: Part 2 of 4

Hey athletes!

As our testing/baseline week comes to a close, we want to give you guys a glimpse of what's to come over the next 12 weeks!

We are going to do this in 4 parts (probably more detail than you want, but will interest those that really want the nitty gritty!).

  • Part (1 of 4) will overview what will be covered each day of the upcoming weeks (for those that just want an at-a-glance)
  • Parts 2/3/4 of 4 will go over the intention of each of the days, as well as some things to expect (for those that want more info and details)

Here is Part 2!

Monday and Friday Structure

This the the meat and bones of getting strong this cycle! Mondays will be our squatting and Fridays will be our hinging. (Note: Every 4th week will be a deload). The squatting will be combined with some kind of box jump or plyometric, to work on recruiting and developing explosive reactions in our legs and body. The hinging will always be paired with some kind of trunk stabilization or isometric hold, to work on creating a stronger and more durable midline.

During the first 4 weeks, we will be focusing on adapting and preparing the body for the higher intensity loads that will occur during weeks 5-12. So we will work on single legged squatting and hinging, in addition to box squatting to get all of our positions primed and address any lingering imbalances we were unable to address last cycle.

During weeks 5-8, we will have a front squat and sumo deadlift focus, with medium volume (4 to 6 sets of 4 to 6 reps) and medium to medium high intensity (65-75%). These 2 lifts will allow us to hone into proper trunk and bracing positions, before we move into the traditional squat and deadlift movements.

Lastly, during weeks 9-12,  we will finally address back squats and conventional deadlifts at slightly higher intensities. Volume will remain about the same, and we are pushing right below our threshold to continue to adapt our body to better positions and learning how to be explosive.