2018 Cycle 2 Overview: Part 4 of 4

Hey athletes!

As our testing/baseline week comes to a close, we want to give you guys a glimpse of what's to come over the next 12 weeks!

We are going to do this in 4 parts (probably more detail than you want, but will interest those that really want the nitty gritty!).

  • Part (1 of 4) will overview what will be covered each day of the upcoming weeks (for those that just want an at-a-glance)
  • Parts 2/3/4 of 4 will go over the intention of each of the days, as well as some things to expect (for those that want more info and details)

Here is Part 4!

Overall Conditioning Structure

As this cycle is focused on improving our overall strength and stability, we will be doing more conditioning pieces in the time range of 5-15 minutes.

In order to maximize our time during out 1-hour classes, you will notice that our general conditioning pieces will be less than 12-15 minutes. This is to allow ample focus on developing our strength in the right way, without rushing our strength portions, and pushing time boundaries in which our body cannot recover to produce strong efforts and raising the risk for injury.

In general, our shortest workouts will likely be on Mondays and Fridays, and medium length workouts will occur on Tuesday and Wednesdays. We will reserve Thursdays for pure aerobic/cardio workouts, and Saturdays for our usual longer team workouts.

In addition to this, there will be an emphasis on bodyweight movement on days in which we lifted particularly heavier loads, or lighter loads in the workouts. We are super excited to get this going!