Last Mesocycle of 2016: Finish Strong

Team Derive!

We are here: The END of 2016! No better time than now to finish strong! Absolute strength is our theme this mesocycle; the last mesocycle of The Ground Up v2. Here is the general breakdown for the next 5 weeks (including the week of Thanksgiving):


  • Back squat for intensity and position. Low volume, medium to high loading.
  • Deadlift for strength and positioning, as well as transfer to the clean
  • No conditioning


  • Snatch/Clean & Jerk working on finishing the pull through power and squat complexes. Transfer and build consistency of pull.
  • EMOMs with barbell cycling and single modality movements to build mental toughness


  • Light front squat complexes used to maintain strength, and build overhead movements.
  • Medium to long gymnastics conditioning


  • Back squat for volume and position. Medium volume with medium loading, increasing over the weeks. Building strength under tension.
  • Open style, <10 minute workouts.

We are super excited to finish this cycle off, as many of us have had huge developments in our movement, and overall strength and conditioning! Here are some things to really reap the benefits of this upcoming cycle:

  1. Take care of your legs. Please do not just leave the gym after days that we squat, for strength or in workouts. Just 5-10 minutes after workouts to simply roll/mash your quads, hips, and glutes will not only extend your health, but also allow you to recover faster for more gainz!
  2. Help us, help you! If you get to the gym early, spend that time to do any activation you may need! We have plenty of bands, Crossover Symmetry, and exercises that you can do to make sure you are prepped and ready for the workout! We pride ourselves in warming you up properly, but everyone has their own issues they may need to work on.
  3. Fix your positions. Don't stick to percentages if you are in bad positioning. The fastest way to lose the effectiveness of this cycle is to perform all of our strength movements in sub-optimal positions! Bad positions (rounded backs on DL, forward chest/lost midline on squats, etc.) DO NOT transfer! You will likely see little to no improvement in your strength if you do this. Simple fix: Take 90% of your current max, and work off of that. Then thank me later when you PR (and move better).

Lets do this!

Coach Frank
Full Effort, Full Victory.