A Letter from Coach Cooley

To my dear CrossFit Derive family,

Its with great sadness that I have to announce that I’m going to be moving to a new city, as Mike has been given an amazing opportunity in Seattle. I’ll be leaving to join him at the end of May. There have been a whirlwind of emotions that my brain can’t even quite process and that my heart feels inept to hold all at once. So this I must tell you— you are greatly loved. As a both a whole and as individuals, you all have left a permanent mark on my life.

5 years ago I lost my father to congestive heart failure. In that moment my life’s purpose shifted. I felt a calling placed on my heart to help people lead healthier lives. I didn’t want a heart transplant be someone’s last hope. I thought of families hurting like mine and wanted to do something, in some way, to change that. I wanted to help people be around for the big moments in their family’s future. I never would have guessed the journey would have led me to you all, but I’m so glad it did!


Frank, thank you for taking a chance on me. For giving me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community and pouring countless hours into my development as a coach. It was more than a job, always has been. Thank you Derive family, you all gave me a chance to pursue my purpose. You have believed in me and supported me a number of times and I am grateful for every moment.“Thank you” seems such an inadequate phrase for such a gift.

My hope is that I helped you all in some small way to be confident in your ability to move, empowered you to know that you could harness your health, and most of all made you understand that you matter. It was a great privilege to get to open the gym doors as you all poured in from your busy days conquering the world to come sweat the stress away with me. Thank you. My heart is full of gratitude for your patience with me as a coach, as I have learned and grown over the years. The trust that you bestowed upon me is cherished. I hope you all know that. To go from teaching kids who HAD to take my course, to earning the respect and trust of adults that WANTED to be in my class makes my heart swell.


I implore you guys to continue to champion each other as each of you pursue your goals in and out of the gym. We truly have something special here at CrossFit Derive. Keep leaning in to what Frank and Allison have to teach you. Keep the high fives flowing, keep pushing each other, and keep your arms open to people as our community grows. More people need what we have here. Let’s share it.

May 22nd will be my last class at the gym. Between now and then I will be handing out and accepting hugs. CrossFit Derive has felt like home these past few years and that is due to the amazing community that you all contribute to every day. This isn’t goodbye, just see you later.

Coach Taylor Cooley