2017 Offseason Mesocycle 1 Overview

Hey Team!

After spending the last 2-3 weeks evaluating the past year's programming and athlete data, I have spent many of the last few days tweaking it for this new year. Here are some things to note for the next 8 weeks (beginning 4/11)!

1) Snatch and squat: Mondays and Wednesdays will alternate on a week by week basis with all variations of snatching and squatting. Our goals this cycle is to make your stronger overall, while continuing to move without compromising the integrity of our body and positions.

1A) The snatching and squatting will vary on the rep, sets, and dose response every week. Adaptation creates progress!

2) Performance Targeting days: If you are in the Performance Targeting program, it is still on Tuesday's and Thursdays. If you are not, Tuesdays and Thursdays will provide you with both skill work and strength development!

3) Complete Saturdays: Saturdays will now be structured just like a normal class. We will spend the beginning of Saturday classes working on our Clean & Jerk and its varieties. Partner workouts will still be prevalent, but you will now have a chance to continue to develop your technique and skill in the C&J.

4) Constantly Varied Adaptation: Just like 1A, movements, sets, reps and dose responses for these movements will change from week to week (over a 4 week period). You will notice a pattern after 4 weeks is done, and we build into weeks 5 through 8!

5) TRACK YO SHIT: The only way to know how far you've come is to know where you started. Contact a coach about Beyond the Whiteboard access or create your own spreadsheet from our template. Note: Beyond the Whiteboard has an associated fee which we absorb, so we remove inactive users.

I have spent countless hours developing the best possible structure and layout for our classes, as well as the best possible balance to help EVERY level of athlete benefit. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Coach Frank
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