The Next Step

With the end of the Open, starts the beginning of a new year. This year, similar to 2 years ago when we first released our Performance Targeting program, we are proud to present FOUR NEW Specialty programs to the mix, all with the same goals as there were 2 years ago: Giving every athlete an opportunity to work towards their own PERSONAL goals! Here are the new programs being rolled out over the next month!

Our highly popular and highly successful Performance Targeting program has returned! And as usual, we have completely overhauled and revamped each program and added 2 additional tiers. While we saw major success in each of the programs, we saw the need to make things better and create an option for those that needed (or desired) more specificity. Since not every athlete is built the same, each athlete will need a slightly or largely different approach to reach their goals. Thus we created Performance Targeting: SKILL! In addition to this, after spending a full year working with the experts at The Active Life on how to identify, address, and correct imbalances and acute injuries, and utilizing this knowledge through athletes over the past year, we have created the Performance Targeting: STABILIZE program. Click the logo for more info!

As we found more and more athletes interested (and many who have benefited) in improving their aerobic base through our Aerobic Capacity program, we also found an opportunity for athletes to really get into the deeper end of improving their true aerobic potential. Twice a week we will have an Aerobic Capacity CLASS, which will provide a deeper, more personal (Pacing!), and more varied approach to our current AC Performance Targeting. Click the logo for more info!

Its finally here. After a long hiatus from 2015 when we sent an athlete to the American Open Championships, it has finally returned! Over the last two years we have researched, practiced, and experimented with multiple approaches that we felt would best fit our athletes and community. In that time, we developed 2 tiers/options for our members: Weightlifting and Weightlifting Lite. Click the logo above for more info!

And lastly, after THREE years of testing and development, we finally have figured out a Competitive program that not only works well for our culture here at DERIVE, but also a program that works with multiple types of athletes availability. Only have 20 minutes to give after the WOD? We have an option for you. Got another hour? We have something more. Either way, we will work to give athletes interested in the Sport of Fitness an opportunity to grow at their own pace and dedication level. Click the logo above for more info!

As with anything new, there comes new questions. Bring em on! We will be holding an open forum on Saturday, March 31st at 11:30AM to answer and discuss any questions you might have about ALL of these programs. Our coaching staff has spent countless hours over the last 3 months developing ideas and programs that we have tested over the last 3 YEARS and we absolutely cannot WAIT to open the doors to this!