What does aerobic capacity even mean?


So, we’ve been talking a ton about developing everyone’s capacity in this upcoming cycle, but we’re sure that its all mumble jumble to most people. So, here’s a short breakdown of some of the things that we are doing!

Regular WODs: These are our bread and butter that we do most days! AMRAPS and Rounds for Time are the name of the game. That higher intensity will allow you to become physically adapted to that higher sustained heart rate as well as build comfort with specific movements. Where the magic happens is when you aren’t working! The downside is that while general intensity is effective, too much of it could cause overtraining. Thus, we mix in..

Intervals (work + rest): At higher intensities, the body will use ATP from anaerobic sources, but will rely on aerobic metabolism during the lower-intensity recovery/rest intervals to help replace the energy spent during the high-intensity work periods. The more we workout, the more we can develop our body’s ability to recover. That concept is how athletes take the next step! The faster you can recover, the faster you can go and more reps you can do! Which leads us to the most boring/important part…

Low intensity/steady state cardio: On Thursdays, we will have lower intensity intervals and sustained cardio to increase your body’s aerobic efficiency, since good aerobic capacity = faster recovery! This type of exercise relies on aerobic energy pathways for energy and can supply fuel for muscle activity for extended durations. Compared to our normal WODs, this is a lower-stress way to improve aerobic capacity, but it is not as effective for burning calories or developing movement adaptations.

At the end of the day, consistency is key! No matter what you do, with our focus on repetition and consistency, you can grow your capacity pretty quick!