The DERIVE Performance Targeting Program is a multi-faceted, skill advancement program that is focused on addressing each athlete's deficiencies with a structured and deliberate approach. The objective is to provide a clear and concise programming to assist our athletes in reaching their goals in the most efficient manner possible. Athletes must have at least 12 weeks of attendance to our daily classes and programming (min. 4x per week) or 8 weeks if coming with previous CrossFit experience. Below, we detail the different approaches available to our athletes.

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**The Spring 2019 PT Cycle will begin on 4/15! Please contact us by 4/8 if you would like to participate!

Performance Targeting (PT)

Our base level of PT is made for the athletes that aren't sure which weakness to start working on yet or have a very glaring weakness they need to attack. Over 8 weeks, athletes will address either Upper Body, Lower Body, or Aerobic Capacity/Endurance, based on what they feel is best suited to their goals and needs (with coach feedback, of course!).

Although not fully personalized, each of the templates have been meticulously designed to be sustainable, repeatable, and time conscious to allow qualitative and quantitative progress. These cycles will run once a year, typically during late summer/early fall.


PT: SKILL is made for athletes who have a bit more experience in the game and are looking for a little bit more of an edge. PT: SKILL is biased towards modalities that have a very large proficiency spectrum-- primarily the gymnastic movements.

Since each athlete is built differently and each skill category has multiple facets to address, each athlete will meet with a coach to determine where their weakest points lie, and then will be given a specific and personalized program tailored towards their needs.

These personal sessions can be done at any point in the year! Any revisions or change in program will come with another coach's meeting and PT: SKILL fee.


Movement mechanics is the foundation of physical health and overall performance inside the gym. If you have hit a plateau in a certain area, have acute joint pain, or lack flexibility in any area, then PT: STABILIZE is for you.

Combining the training from The Active Life, the experience of our coaching staff, and your dedication, taking the step to become healthier is easier than ever.

Each athlete will have a full movement assessment to help determine the root cause of the pain/plateau. From there, our coaches will design a 12-step program to help address the limitation. Each individualized program can be done multiple times through until the athlete displays sufficient improvment in retests.