What we offer

At CrossFit Derive, our main goal is increased physical health and longevity. So no matter what your goal is (performance, aesthetics, fitness, etc.), we will help you reach it through our wide variety of expertise and services. Check us out and see what we can do for you!


Small Group ClassES & Fitness

Our most popular option and “bread and butter”, our group classes serve EVERY level of fitness, from soccer mom and dads to top-tier competitors and ex-athletes. It is in our classes where our community gets its luster, and where the beauty of CrossFit lies. All coach-led classes include warm-ups and cool-downs, are focused on fitness and fun, with the proper dosage of teaching and motivating. Our goal is to tap into every persons inner-athlete!


PRivate Training & Personal Programming

Whether you are nervous about getting started or looking to take the next step in your fitness, our PT will help you tap into your true potential. During your 1-on-1 sessions you will experience hands-on learning as well as programming and progressions catered to your specific goals and weaknesses. With different lengths of sessions and different types of programming, we offer PT for every budget and every goal.


Injury Prevention & Imbalance COrrection

Our coaches have years of knowledge and experience on identifying and correcting sources of joint and soft tissue pain and issues. We have worked with many of the top doctors, chiropractors, and PTs in our industry, which allows us to create programs to help and/or resolve nagging aches and pains. Access our Performance Targeting: Stabilize programs and get out of your pain and access your full potential!