Drop-In Policy

  1. NO first-time athletes. You MUST belong to another affiliate to drop-in to one of our classes. (Although not required, a heads-up email would be awesome!)

  2. Purchase a drop-in pass and sign up for class HERE.

  3. After viewing the schedule, click the “Enroll” button to register in our system for that class and sign the waiver ahead of time.

  4. If you are from Houston, Drop-in is FREE! Out of city/state is $20! For extended stays we also offer 3, 5, and 7 class packages at $55, $85, and $110!

  5. *T-shirts are $25, but you can get both a shirt AND your first class for only $30!


Please contact us directly at info@crossfitderive.com! Let us know all that you can (i.e. experience, where you are coming from, etc.) so that we can help you promptly and efficiently.

DISCLAIMER: Here at CrossFit Derive, we strive to maintain the highest quality of movement and performance. ALL new athletes are REQUIRED to go through at least the first 2 weeks of Foundations.  If you are coming from another gym, contact us and we will handle each case on an individual basis (However, You must have RECENT CrossFit experience to join. If you have taken 3-6+ months off, we may require you to take our Fundamentals Course). If our coaches do not feel you meet our quality standards, we will ask you to attend one or more Foundations classes before beginning your membership. Simply put, quality over quantity! 

Visitor FAQ

1.   Do you allow visiting CrossFitters to drop in on classes?

Of course! 

Our L1 and L2 CrossFit classes are the only times available to visiting athletes for training!  If you are “newer” to CrossFit (less than 4 months experience), have orthopedic issues, or require special scaling needs you will best served in the CF-L1 class workout.  If you’ve been training CrossFit consistently for 4 months or longer and have a good handle on the basics, then feel free to sign up for an CF-L2 class!  Most of our classes are hybrid CF-L1/L2 classes, with workouts that are scaled and adjusted appropriately.

2.   How much do you charge for the drop in**?  What does it cover?

See #4 and #5 above.  Our current policy is either a $20 class fee or buy a “Shirt + Class Combo” for $30!  If our shirts are out of stock, please be prepared to pay a drop-in – we take all credit cards.  Also, please be sure to save your receipt, because each class after your initial visit will only cost $5 (receipt required for discounted drop-in rate).

**We don’t charge other Affiliate Owners (must be able to find you on the Affiliate Page) or CrossFit HQ Staff for using our facility.

4.   If I am in town for an extended stay (longer than a week), what is the cost?

If you are in town for more a while, shoot us an email or talk with us in the gym to work something out. We also offer drop in packs!

5.   Do I need to reserve/register for a class ahead of time?

We would TOTALLY appreciate if you could register in our database ahead of time – it will speed up the process when you get here.  Do so by going to our schedule and Enrolling in the class you’re going to attend.

6.   I am following a specific program – can I just do my own thing?

Honestly, if we don’t know you…then probably not.  It’s too much of a liability to let people just come in and train when we don’t know anything about your habits!  Unless you are a Games athlete or HQ Staff, then you’ll just have to stick to our classes.


Adopted and revised from CFME

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