Brick and Mortar: Mesocycle 3 of The Ground Up

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
— John Wooden

Hey guys!

We are through 8 of the 12 weeks of The Ground Up! We have seen MAJOR progress from essentially all of our athletes and we are super stoked to see where we can take you guys!  The next 4 weeks will be working on solidifying the last 8 weeks of hard work, as well as introducing some new pieces to build our overall strength and conditioning.  Here are some of the small changes for our last mesocycle (4 weeks), called Brick and Mortar.

  • Two-part Olympic Lifting will continue: We saw SO much success from our Monday & Wednesday dual-portion Oly lifting in not only those lifts, but in flexibiliy, body awareness, and overall conditioning. Thus, we will continue on this protocol, except we will utilize the first portion almost as a warm-up to the second portion which will have quite a bit more snatching and cleaning.
  • Wave Front squats: We will be doing a "wave" of front squats on Fridays, focusing on our midline and torso positioning under fatigue, as well as building our front rack and squat strength.
  • Gym-nasty Thursdays: Due to popular demand and great progress, we will be continuing this, with a bit more variation.
  • Focus on mechanics and efficiency: Oh wait, we've already been doing this :)

That should be it! Keep an eye out for this upcoming week! Also, if you aren't tracking your stuff yet, sign-up at  to track all of your workouts and numbers!